MIND UK CHARity raffle Draw = 08/12/20

Over 70% of people claim that their mental health has deteriorated since covid restrictions began. In addition, rates of suicide are increasing particularly in young people and this is undoubtably causing a strain on the U.K's mental health services.


It's safe to say everyone's had experience with mental health issues in the past, whether it be themselves or a friend/family member. Times are tough currently and a lot of people are suffering.


I've gathered the help of many huge names and companies who are all donating prizes towards this raffle including youtube stars, fishing rod companies, blog writers and individuals looking to make a difference. All we need now is your help. For as little as £1 you can be in with a chance to win many prizes ranging from high-end travel rods to lures used by your favourite content creators on youtube. The rules can be found at the bottom of the page below the prizes!



Travel in style with the Rigged & Ready premium smuggler 6 travel rod worth £59.99 plus 2 year guarantee


A guided lure fishing session for brown trout on the River Kent with trout specialist Adam from Aj_fishinguk


HUNTER PRO 11' Carbo-X Match & Float rod donated by Thomas Baird from Essex Anglers

4 + 5. 

Bongs Fishing Bucket hat

Bongs Fishing £20 store voucher


'A bite out of cancer' fishing charity merchandise bundle including T-shirt, beanie and mug.


'Black Country Piker' bundle including 4D savage gear perch and XL fox rage pliers.


'DB fishing' lure and bait bundle including hard and softbaits.


'The Constant Angler' - Approx 16 lure packs including flukes, grubs, shads and stickbaits.


'Outback UK' Lure bundle including a variety of styles

11, 12, 13. 

3x 'Snagged Bro' net magnet


'London Perch Finder' hand picked bundle from his favourite lures.


20 Misc pole floats from Bailey Payne of Essex Anglers


'DB fishing' beanie and used savage gear 3D snake. 


Mixed bundle of flies tied by Sam Greenway.


1. First please make a donation to the just giving page associated with this raffle. Each ticket costs £1, and for every 5 tickets you buy the sixth is free!

2. Leave your name alongside the donation and contact me via instagram @bongsfishing or facebook the Bong's fishing page, or my personal account 'George Lamb'.

3. I will reply with your raffle numbers, be sure to screenshot and keep them safe!

4. The raffle will be drawn on video on our youtube channel "Bongs fishing".

5. If you're a winner get in contact with us and show us your raffle number. We will send you your prize in the post free of charge! The draw will be on the 8th of December.

There will be donations from people not intending to take part in the raffle so it's important you get in touch for your numbers. It really couldn't be easier to get involved!

Please note UK entries only for postage reasons, and also consider in some instances responsibility for postage lies with the donator of the prize and not Bong's fishing. Good luck and thank you for doing your part to help raise money for Mental health!