Fancy dress fishing

23/08/19 - 25/08/19

Welcome to our first charity event! Alongside as many members of our community as possible we will be fishing in fancy dress (funny costumes, outfits etc) to raise money for charity! Our event will run from the 23rd of August 2019 to the 25th. We want as many people as possible to get involved with us, and doing so couldn't be easier! You can fish whenever you want over the course of the weekend, and wherever you want! Whether its at your local fishing spot, or you go somewhere special, we want you to participate!

This will be a great way to raise money for charity, raise awareness and have great fun doing so! We have chosen to raise money for "Worldwide Cancer Research". This is because cancer is something that has affected or will affect us all one way or another in our lives, and what a great way to make a difference through doing something we love! We want to see all your pictures and there will be prizes available and competitions throughout! Be sure to use #bongsfishing and #bongsfishingcharity to feature on our page and website! 


We assure you the money we raise will be going to a good cause. Over the past four decades "Worldwide cancer research" have helped support some of the biggest breakthroughs in cancer treatment including the very promising recent immunotherapy advancements.

All over the world there are scientists waiting for funding which will transport their research to the next level. Without this funding they are unable to progress and unable to reach the answers only research can unlock.

This charity funds projects in the worlds best research institutions on some of the world's most diverse and unexpected projects, from world-renowned specialist to up and coming talent.

Just giving.jpg

Please click the picture above to be directed towards our official Just Giving page, or find us on the link

As this is a sponsored fish we encourage everyone participating to gather sponsorships from friends and family etc! If we all do our part and raise a bit of money together as a community we really have the power to make a difference and have a great time doing so!

There will be multiple prizes on offer through this event, and one of them will be a prize to whoever raises the most money. How this will work is we ask you to refer people to our just-giving page and in the notes section upon donation for them to put your Instagram username (e.g. @fisherman123123). This is so specific sponsors can be identified however its not essential!


PRO TEAM H 3.png

Funniest picture/outfit

The winner of this competition will be awarded a white bucket hat! This will be voted on by our community!


Most money raised

The winner of this competition will be awarded a choice of any T-Shirt available on our store!

To join

To get involved in this unique and exciting opportunity reach us via Instagram DM @bongsfishing or through the contact us section of our website! Everyone is welcome! 

In order to properly qualify to win the prizes we ask you share the link of our Just Giving page on your facebook and gain at least £10 in donations from yourself or friends/family!

This really isn't much as a minimum, but it will really help our cause. We will attach your name to the Just giving page once signed up!


Catch of the weekend

The winner of this competition will be awarded a Camo cap, and will be voted on by our community!