Hello and welcome to BONG'S FISHING. My name is George Lamb and I run this community. I participate in all sorts of fishing and create youtube videos along the way. You'll also find me on instagram @bongsfishing sharing stories, blog posts and videos as well as engaging in community and charity events.

Sunset Fishing

About me

I am a multi species angler based in the north west of England. My efforts are usually focused around lure fishing, particularly for trout but also other predatory species. Living near the Lake district has given me many opportunities to fish little known trout waters high up in the mountains, and so far these exploratory videos have proved to be my most successful on youtube. I also sea fish, fly fish and occasionally coarse fish and I also won a junior sea angling competition in Plymouth. 

I've also currently raised £605 for cancer research through my last charity community fundraiser which was a fancy dress fish. My next charitable endeavour is a raffle to raise money for Mind UK in light of the Pandemic. I have rallied support from over 10 (and counting) influential members of the fishing community including youtube stars DB fishing, Outback UK, Snagged Bro and Black country Piker. Please visit the charity section of the website for more info!

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